Monday, September 26, 2011

Pittsburgh Steak Sandwich

I figured it was a few days since I talked about Celine and Tami's sandwich cookbook. You'd think we were all dating, but we're all married--boo. T & C sure are dreamy, though. ((swoon))

This here is called the Pittsburgh Steak Sandwich and while it looks like a big ol' burger with some guac, it is not. It is a ginormous mouthful of marinated seitanic goodness on a cibatta roll with traditional burger toppings. Just look at that seitan. Have you ever seen anything so pretty? Ring-ring, who is it? It's Elsie the Cow thanking you profusely for saving her life.

I suggested this be named the Allegheny County Belly Buster, because you really need to learn your PA counties, and this sandwich does stress the stomach a little, so you can eat this sandwich alone and be just fine. No fries needed.

MOFO is just days away--can you feel the excitement in the air? Get the word out about my million hit goal! I've created a tab for it at the top of the page. Thanks for being the best followers in the world.

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Brian Woz said...

Looks delicious. When I think of Pittsburgh sammies though, I think Primantti-style: fries and slaw.
Great blog. Read if often. Are you from Pit?