Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pecan pie for breakfast? You betcha.

This photo was taken with my spouse's Galaxy Tablet. I haven't mastered taking pictures with it, so I don't use it often. That's not a chocolate waffle sandwich, it is a Pecan Pie Wafflewich, yet another mad tasty creation from the mind of Celine and Tami. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge: have I told you about their upcoming vegan sandwich cookbook? Did you know I was one of their testers? Guffaw.

I used to date a couple of people that hail from the South. Of course I didn't date them at the same time, but they were both really awesome people and have fond memories of both. One of these was picking pecans off the front lawn. I knew nuts came from trees, but I had grown up with purchasing them at the store. Seeing pecans in their raw form in a shell hangin' out in trees and partying on the ground seemed so surreal!

I'd be lying if I said I had never eaten pie for breakfast. I believe I've eaten all desserts as a meal replacement at any given time of the day, not the best practice in the world, but there it is. This gem is probably meant for breakfast, but I imagine you would find it fueling for lunch, second lunch, dinner, or a late night snack. The waffle is crunchy with some subtle maple flavor and the inside is what will turn your eyeballs into a slot machine--the gooey, sweet, and buttery pecans are so decadent you'll forget all about your rote daily responsibilities. Say, don't you work in a cubicle? Isn't that Jimmy with the latest dirt at the water cooler? Who the hell cares, you just had a wafflewich for breakfast! Armageddon could be happening and it really wouldn't matter.

Speaking of things that do matter, I'm in the throes of rustling recipes for Vegan MOFO which is just 10 days away! If you love True Blood, Louisianna cookin', and want to see what a veganized goat tongue looks like, then you should stop on by this blog every single day in October, preferably multiple times. You should tell your friends too, because I want to reach one million US hits during MOFO and donate my FoodBuzz checks to two local charities: Mother Hubbard's Cupboard and the Monroe County Humane Association. I receive $3 for every thousand visits, so one million would mean three thousand dollars. We can do that, right?


Dawn said...

Holy moly, that Wafflewich looks amazing. I'm so envious that you're a test for Celine and Tami's new book. Sandwiches are pretty much my favorite meal ever.

I love your pecan tree story. I grew up with a pecan tree and never appreciated it 'til now.

And I agree, pie can and should be eaten at any time of the day. It's that versatile and glorious.

Johnnie said...

Shouting out from the social media rooftops about your goal. Enjoying your posts. Blessings...

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