Saturday, September 10, 2011

Okay, okay, okay--there's more to life than sandwiches!

Southern Fried Tempeh with Gravy. You had me at fried!
After child #1-(2007-8) and during the pregnancy of child #2,-(2008-9) I did some testing for Bianca's upcoming Southern Vegan Cookbook. Whuuuut? Yes, there are more vegan cookbooks to buy. After looking at my food porn archives, I noticed I tested more than a few recipes of hers. She's been working on this for a while, and the hard work has paid off. These pics are my favorite recipes from the book. The release is slated for 2012. Sigh. I'm kind of broke, so every time one comes out I get all @)*%#$ me! Quit writing cookbooks, y'all! I can hardly keep up with the ones I have! My solution is asking the library to order it so everyone gets exposed to vegan love and my limited budget is a little happier.

Smart, ain't I?

And if you are a hardcore reader of my blog, you'll notice this entry is a rerun of sorts. That's not a bad thing because a) it's a gentle reminder to save up more $$ to buy another cookbook by an awesome vegan and b) I'm keeping up with blogging. My foodbuzz money to charity goal is about getting more traffic. Well, I'm not going to get more traffic if I don't blog. Duh.
Country Potato Soup-Easy on the wallet and really filling.
I couldn't make an entry without talking about this sandwich. I said it when I blogged about it way back then and I'll say it again: I nearly had to have my jaw surgically removed to eat this. It was a sandwich of hedonistic proportions.

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