Monday, September 12, 2011

Navajo Tacos

In the Spring of 1998, I spent a month long term studying Native American poetry in New Mexico. A group of 30 students, the Provost, and a few professors spent two days in Santa Fe then spent the rest of our time in Taos. I loved every minute of it, but found it so sacred that I knew I couldn't live there.

We went to the reservation a couple of times and I remember trying fry bread. It's fried! I know, I'm easily amused. There was something magical about that bread though, perhaps the energy of the women who made it seeped into the dough and the fatty fat fat augmented that essence. Kind of a cheesy sentiment--eventually I forgot about that bread until I saw "Navajo Tacos" on the testing list for Celine and Tami's new sandwich cookbook. I glanced at the ingredients and noted the fried bread. All memories of Taos and 30 days of chili sauce flooded my brain and taste buds.

This is an awesome meal to prepare if you're short on ingredients and time. The perfectly spiced chickpea chorizo topped with corn salsa and lying ever so lovingly on home made flat bread will turn your tongue into a giant dream catcher. I do not imbibe the alcohol, but if I were a drinker, I'd say a Mexican beer with a fat lime wedge would tie the room together. I stuck with iced blueberry tea.

So...I want to do more than just plug the sandwich book for the rest of the month. I want to get you to get your friends to get their friends, who will tell their friends to read That PITA Vegan. Why? Well, next month is Vegan MOFO and I want to try another stab at my ONE MILLION hit goal. I plan on donating a substantial portion of the earnings to Mother Hubbard's Cupboard and the Monroe County Humane Association. Can you help a sister out? I get $3 per 1,000 US impressions. I thought world wide hits counted, but it does not. I mean it does to me, but to FoodBuzz it doesn't. That's okay, because I know if I get really loud about this event, a miracle will happen. One million US impressions would mean a paycheck of 3 thousand bucks. I plan on donating 1/3 to MHC, 1/3 to the MCHA, and 1/3 for my family to fix my car and pay medical bills. If I don't make the million hit goal, perhaps I'll get more traffic than last MOFO.

My theme this year is going to be OFF THE CHAIN. I am not going to tell you what it is, so you'll have to stay tuned to find out more. I'll also have a couple of giveaways: Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian zine by Kittee, some tea, and who knows what else. If you're really curious, I'll give you a clue. Most of the food will have a certain color in it. You might think that hint is rather lame, but I assure you that you will keep coming back for more during MOFO.


Anonymous said...

These look goooood... excited for vegan MOFO soon! Also waiting to see what the super special secret theme is ;)

Adam said...

I'm looking forward to the month, even if my hits don't count for FoodBuzz. Hey... I have money and I buy things!

Glo said...

I love your site and will def go and vote for you to help you hit the 1 million mark. Be sure to post and let us know when voting begins and best of luck.

Bianca said...

Ooh, those tacos sound amazing! I just cannot WAIT for that book. Fried bread? Yes, ma'am.