Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i has a sad and a sorry! BBL.

due to some recently developing technical difficulties, i have to take a break from blogging. this makes me mega sad. i'll try to post when i can, i just can't guarantee anything right now. i appreciate your support, love, food pics, warm fuzzies, recipes, etc. if i happen to make an awesome dish/dessert, i will post. i am just not much for words right now.

xo that pain in the ass vegan

ps: i will be lurking at your blogs, no worries.

Monday, April 6, 2009

i want that chocolate covered giveaway, damnit!

okay, maybe i'm exerting my will just a little too much. perhaps i sound like veruca salt from charlie and the chocolate factory. if you went to chocolate covered katie's blog and read about her chocolate covered giveaway, you'd be all bitchy and insist that you win too! amazing stuff.
so this is the rat-a-tat-ouille from her recipes. i didn't want to go with an oatmeal recipe because (gasp!) i'm not that fond of oatmeal, and i didn't want to do something too easy. i promise you katie, i'll try a couple oat recipes soon. the s'more's oatmeal has piqued my interest. this recipe was a delicious cinch, and a great meal to make for passover-(which isn't here yet, but i need to think of more things to eat that don't have the 5 grains in it). pictured above is a close up of said deliciousness and a serving of the rat-a-tat-ouille sprinkled with vegan parm and garlic bread. my very omni spouse liked this.

speaking of passover, i've decided to NOT partake in the observance of kitniyot. as aforementioned, jews abstain from 5 main grains during passover: wheat, oats, rye, spelt, and barley. kitniyot means "little things" and is a practice observed by ashkenazi jews and includes corn, rice, peanuts, cumin, and ALL beans. this means no soy. no nooch either, because it is yeast, even though you can't really use nooch to make bread rise. the rationale is that these "little things" could be pulverized and made into a bread that a person would eat during passover. i'm just too tired to obey. i feel i make enough of a statement in my everyday life by being vegan. the whole point of passover is to remember what it was like to be a slave in egypt. if i get caught up in the rabbinical details and start fretting over how militant i am, then i become a slave to that instead of focusing on how free i am today. anyway, this ain't no jewish blog--it's a vegan blog. i just had to get that off my chest.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

i heart bloomingfoods!

i've been craving a tofu reubentino for a week. i kept eating other things and ignored my taste buds. then i kept seeing the sandwiches everywhere from hunger induced hallucinations, so i gave in and went to go get one. i went to the west side co-op location and they ***GASP!*** told me they didn't make them anymore. i was going to cry, but then i decided to go to the east side and totally fucking scored! bloomingfoods makes the sammiches as grab-n-go in the cold deli case (they have dairy swiss on them), but you can have one made hot to order at the deli counter 100% vegan. with vegan cheez, vegan sauce AND heated on a panini grill. isn't that just awesome? pictured here is some sort of succotash, and raw broccoli florets.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

welcome to pizza slut, i mean hut

actually this is better than pizza hut. i've been pretty lazy and have made pizza twice in march using pillsbury pizza dough, which is chemical but vegan. i topped this with a marinara sauce, topped with vegan cheez, peppers, olives, onion, and baby spinach. it was a thick pizza, and it was good. it would have probably been better without the cheez though.

what are your favorite pizza toppings?

I NEED YOUR HELP! i'm working on a SUPER SPECIAL SECRET PROJECT and i need YOUR MONEY. of course since this is a SUPER SPECIAL SECRET PROJECT i can't disclose details to you, but i can tell you this: i want to draw/paint you, your loved one, your child/children, or animal companion. my prices are as follows:

  • 8X10 is $60
  • anything larger is $25 per hour until the project is finished
  • your choice of water color paints or oil pastel
  • you can pay by money order, paypal, or check

my goal is to earn $1800 by thanksgiving. you think i'm crazy? possibly. here's an example of my work, just to show you how serious of an artist i can be:

My Boy, watercolor and ink 2008