I. M. not really a pain in the ass

I'd like to think of myself as a decent human being.

I never thought I would get into blogging on this level. When it comes to expressing myself, this really has been the medium of choice. I'm so happy you have stopped by to give this a read.

I want to debunk the myth that vegans are pains in the ass, and to show the omni and vegetarian world just how easy it is to be vegan. The only true pain in the ass part to adopting a vegan lifestyle is the forethought involved.  Once I established a routine, the forethought was no longer a road block, it was a fun challenge. I don't get sad when I hear about my non vegan friends describe what a fantastic tasty meaty-cheesy-eggy-milky meal they just had. Most of the time I'm thinking, how can I veganize that?

I don't want to preachy-preach. I want to cookie-cook, and share my journey. Adopting this way of eating has helped me on so many levels and it  has repaired my formerly fractured relationship with food and my body. It is my hope that my strength and experience will amuse, delight, and inspire you and your path to being the best person you can be.