Jennifer Molica is a writing fool that hails from Southwest MI. Her achievements include more dearth than bling-bling, but that doesn't stop her from creating, G-d help save her soul. She has gallivanted across the US entertaining dozens with her pathetic spoken word and short stories about death, despair, and rising above the bullshit. She has been rejected from both the mainstream and the underground. Why doesn't she just quit already? You punch her and punch her and she refuses to hit the ground. What a weirdo.

Photo By Jeremy Hogan

Her work has been compared to that of Spalding Gray, Karen Finley, and Weird Al Yankovic, but is really influenced by Penny Arcade, Lynne Breedlove, Amy Sedaris, and Dorothy Allison. She continues to live in the Midwest and dreams of sitting on her ass being paid to write instead of doing what she is currently doing.

You can make her dreams come true by writing her at jennifermolica@gmail.com She is available for readings, writing workshops, and will even cook for you. Don't expect her to do the dishes.