Monday, February 9, 2009

i heart my chop wizard

i love my chop wizard. choppy-choppy-chop-chop. i got the idea to get one from vegannifer. i'm so glad chanukkah charry made it possible. if i could practice polygamy, i would marry this fine kitchen instrument. we would walk along the beaches, enjoy candlelit dinners, and of course chop fruits and veggies into uniform pieces. this has saved me mucho time in the kitchen.

i tried to post pics from an anniversary party i attended on saturday that had the motherload of vegan spreads. i wasn't smart enough to bring my camera, so i took pics with my shitty camera phone. when i tried to transfer the pics to my food porn pics at home it wouldn't work. so i'll have to work the kinks out and post that in the next couple days.


Chelsea said...

Dude! I want that! Did you buy it from that website? I HATE chopping tomatoes and losing so much of the insides... and a stirfry ready to fry without all that damn chopping? Hells yes! Thanks so much for this post!!!

abby of Mia Picolli Piaceri said...

cool! it actually looks like a mobile phone. haha! happy love day ;)