Thursday, February 26, 2009

the belle of the ball

ever go to a potluck and get jealous because your dish wasn't the hit? this simple dish was the belle of the ball at february's vegan potluck at boxcar books. it was the first time i went, so i was a little nervous about meeting people i didn't really know and thought i was a bit too chatty. the dinner was held late in the evening during enzo's prime-time witching hour, so he had a melt-down five minutes prior to us leaving. even though i analyzed my behavior all the way home, i decided that i'll still go back because i need to have live interface with other vegans.

i brought my tried and true mujadara-(i did sub millet for rice and fava beans for lentils, and it worked out great!), and there was some gluten free pasta dish with marinara sauce. i took pictures of everything, but this was the only photo that turned out well. pictured above is an awesome vegan bruchetta: french bread topped with pureed white beans, olive oil, oregano, garlic, sea salt, and topped with luscious tomato and basil slices. the guy that made it said he had it done in 30 minutes. there's something to be said about simplicity.

the potluck is a monthly event and is sponsored by deep roots animal sanctuary.

at this very moment, s'mores muffins are cooling in the kitchen. pictures will be posted this weekend. i sampled one and i must say they are awesome. chocolate covered katie is having a chocolate giveaway. anyone who mentions her contest or tries one of her recipes and blogs about it, gets entered. i'm all about the free stuff!


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Hey Jen! yay I'm soooo happy you liked the muffins! I'm excited to see 'em! You're definitely entered!!

Anonymous said...

I love those muffins!!! They are one of my very favorite recipes =)