Sunday, February 8, 2009

help me mochi-wan, you're my only hope

i scored some of this at the food bank. i understand this is a japanese puff pastry of sorts, and that should be enough of an explanation. i still don't know what the hell to do with it. has anyone else made anything with this? is it better to make it sweet or savory? will it wreck my orthodontia? i've posted a thread on the post punk kitchen, but i figure maybe not all of you readers go there. so tell me, what DO i do with this?

xo jewy


Jenn said...

LOL Mochi-wan...I almost spit out my tea.

Um, I've seen it, but never bought it. I think you cut it into small squares and bake it. The mochi cakes I've had have been in soup or surounding some kind of filling like ice cream or sweet bean paste.
Be warned if it's what I think it is it is STICKY, I mean like peanut butter on the roof of your mouth as a kid kind of sticky. So make sure you take a small bite first to check it out. Seriouly, I think there's a choke hazzard warning for childeren and old people.

Anonymous said...

You cut it into 2" squares and bake them until they puff up. I like putting it in Miso Soup.

Beware: They are VERY sticky!

Crystal said...

OMG I love this stuff!! I haven't had it in ages- but I used to just cut it up and bake it- then I would serve it with some sort of dipping sauce, or just plain old sea salt, and go to it.. I like to keep it simple :-)

Bianca said...

I LOVE MOCHI!!!! I first tried it as a mochi melt. Basically, you stir-fry some veggies and then lay a few cut-out cubes of mochi over the top. Put a lid on the pan and lower the temp for five minutes or so. The stream melts the mochi into a gooey substance like cheese.

They're also great baked and dipped into a savory soy sauce.

I posted about the mochi melt on my blog awhile back:

J MIracle said...

Mochi rules but it might stick a bit. But it does rule.