Monday, January 23, 2012

OYMST Day #23: What's up, buttercup?

Back in August, I went to Vida Vegan Con in Portland, OR. You should already know about this because I can't shut up about it. If you're reading That PITA Vegan for the first time, you can read all about it here, here, or here. Yeah, I know I shouldn't end a sentence with a preposition. NOTE: they're thinking about moving it on over to Chicago for the 2013 conference. I have my fingers, toes, earlobes, and eyes crossed they do it. That means I could just drive up and go since Chitown is just 4 hours away!

Anyway, while at the conference, I had the chance to sample Earth Balance's Organic Coconut Spread on a small piece of bread. I was skeptical and expected it to be really sweet and smack of--well, coconuts. I was surprised. It truly is the perfect blend of margarine and coconuts. The flavor is very subtle and I was totally jazzed to get a free coupon for a tub when I returned home.

Until I learned that there wasn't any to be found at my local food co-op, Kroger, et al. Sad face. Major sad face.

So I procrastinated writing Earth Balance about this quagmire, and finally got around to it. I made a shameless plea to have them send me standard EB coupons since my local grocers carried that style but not the coconut spread. I received an email from the gnawdorable representative Adriane and she said they would SEND ME THE COCONUT SPREAD via FedEx with a little freezer package to ensure freshness.

Whuuuuuuuuuuut? Get outta here. Again, I ended the sentence with a preposition. Would you care about grammar if you knew you were getting a tub of this stuff? Pssst, your answer is "Hell no, Jen."

Since I'm at the tail end of Operation Yank My Sweet Tooth, I haven't used this for baking cookies, but I have used it on waffles and in my oatmeal. You could spread it on Styrofoam and I'd happily eat it. It's really that good.

For those of you who refrain or have reduced your use of tropical oils because of what commercial farming does to the habitats of orangutans and other wild life, fear not: the peeps at EB are committed to sustainably harvesting the glorious coconut oil without bugging our ape friends, tiger buddies, and elephant comrades. Pretty cool, huh?

A big fat coconutty thanks to Adriane and EB for the hook up of delicious Earth Balance Organic Coconut Spread!


Bianca said...

I LOVE this stuff! Thankfully, Whole Foods sells it here. Sometime next week, I plan to try the Coconut Samosas from the little EB recipe booklet that came in our Vida Vegan Con gift bags!

Gia said...

I noticed it last time I went shopping, but I wasn't sure about it. I will have to try it. Wow EB must have amazing customer service!