Wednesday, January 11, 2012

OYMST Day #11: It's High Time I Had a Product Review

Happy Humpday. It's been a while since I've written a product review, and most of the ones I do are anywhere from okay to stellar. Today my friends, is the big day where I rip a product a new @$$HO!E and I refuse to apologize for it.

This is one of Morningstar Farms frozen "meals." First of all, we bought this on closeout. That was red flag #1. To my credit, I've done this a zillion times and haven't had a dud, until now. While this meal is completely vegan, it was so awful that I pouted while eating it. I'm pretty sure Sara McLaughlan was singing in the background while I wept about my $2.50 that can never be recovered. I wanted to ceremoniously set it ablaze, but I didn't bring anything else to eat that day, so it was me and this "entree."

The chik'n was freezer burnt. The noodles aren't Asian style at all, it's just spaghetti. WHY do companies insist on dubbing this "Asian?" I wonder if they know that India, Russia, and Saudi Arabia are all in Asia. You hear that Morningstar Farms? That's the wailing of the entire country of China telling you that you guys have it wrong. The sauce is (insert your favorite expletive here) bland. Bland as a rubber band. Where were the veggies? You tell me. There were a couple tablespoons in there at most. Someone call me a whaaaaambulance. MSF, you have been chopped.

Boy, I'll be happy when I can go back to eating cake for lunch again.


Bianca said...

Haha! I've not tried this because it's so expensive. But I kinda figured it might suck.

planetjenn said...

Good to know! I tried the orange glaze chickn by Gardein, wasn't impressed. On the other hand my coconut curry rice from vegan on the cheap was Faaaaabulous and prob. cost less!!!

ThePfef said...

Don't most of the Morning Star products contain egg? I find them infuriating.