Saturday, January 7, 2012

OYMST Day #7: This is where I break down and cry...

...because I want A F^(@!ng COOKIE! Actually I'd like a chocolate cookie dipped in batter and deep fried served with a side of cookies and cookie ice cream. Operation Yank My Sweet Tooth is KILLING me today! No amount of dates, fresh fruit, tea, nutrient dense stir frys, and other foods are taking away that urge. Why did I do this? Oh yeah, to practice more mindful eating and raise money.

Just to be clear--my experiment is to avoid any cookies, cakes, candy, pies, etc. for the entire month because I've developed a habit of devoting half to 2/3 of my food intake to sweets, which I admit is not very healthy. So PLEASE make this worth my while and tell everyone you know about my crazy assed mission to make more money for Mother Hubbard's Cupboard. Because I'm gonna be really pissed if I do all of this and only make a little money for them.

I'm going to go out with my family and have dinner at a very non-vegan restaurant. No problem for me. I called in advance and they have a sandwich that any mycophile would love. I'm gonna smuggle in some condiments because I'm crazy like that.


Allysia said...

Ha ha, I totally smuggle in condiments too. I figure if the restaurant isn't providing the hummus, then that's their problem. :)

P.S. You're my hero for doing this whole thing! Good luck!

Woobie is Vegan said...

great work! I've read that sugar detox has a lot of side effects, and I've done it myself before too, so let your craving be motivation because... IT'S WORKING! :) I also used this site to come up with some "desserts" to curb that sweet tooth when I went sugar free for a month. My favorite was this cacao shake ( because it's frothy chocolatey yum. the brownies are ok too but only when they're hot out of the oven ...when they're cool they're a bit too dry and you can taste the non-sugarness. Good luck. :)

Dawn said...

I have a similar issue, but at least I bake all my own stuff so I know what's in it (still not an excuse, but at least it's a little better!). My son clearly struggles with it, too!

Please keep us posted on how it is going because I may need to join your bandwagon soon!

Great job!!

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