Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm souper, thanks for asking.

I can't sit around and eat sandwiches all day, can I? Well, of course I can. I just need to leave some room for soup. One of the directors at work brought in a soup cookbook that had several vegan soup recipes. I really wish I had remembered the name of the book. Soup is in the title. Good luck finding it.

Anyway, this recipe tugged at my inner curious George because it had an odd combination of flavors: potatoes, arugula, apples, and it was all topped with some toasted walnuts. I've never had cooked arugula before, it always looks kind of gross.

This was a nice change of pace from the traditional Fall staple of squash soup or chili. Very comforting, the potatoes dance with the apples and they invite the arugula for a little swingin' if you know what I mean. Cooked arugula isn't as strong, and you've probably guessed it is one of my new favorite greens. I have a nice sized patch in my front yard and I've been harvesting from it for a month, with no signs of slowing down.

Does anyone have a good recipe for falafel that uses garbanzo flour instead of whole cooked beans?


Dawn said...

Soup AND that's how to eat.

I haven't tried it but I remembered seeing this falafel on the side of a BRM package

Sal said...

that does sound a weird combination! interesting though.