Thursday, October 1, 2009

how do you like them apples? vegan MOFO: day 2

i've only seen GWH once, but i couldn't help but to be perplexed by matt damon's character. if he was so smart...wouldn't he have said, "how do you like those apples?". no worries--i'm not the grammar police, or even the vegan police. i was an art major, i love me some slang, and i enjoy putting pretentious pony-tailed boys in their place. i also like a nice apple. do you like your apples? october is as good as any month to talk about one of natures greatest gifts. i like mine sliced up with a simple dip of 1T PB, 1Ttofutti cr. cheez, and a dash of cinnamon. i know everyone is really into katie's banana butter too--it's as hip as getting an i-phone-(and i mean this in a complimentary way, not mean way y'all). apparently i must have been on the right track, as i've been making that stuff for years and didn't even know i was doing anything cool! i often mix my PB with blended fruit or a banana because i'm broke and it makes the PB last longer. my kid loves it this way and is really into "dipping" things, so it's a clever way to get him to eat more fruits and veggies.
i also like these apples in sarah kramer's apple pie pancakes from HIAV. my only criticism is that there isn't enough apple punch in these flapjacks. i'd up the apple a little more, perhaps throw some spiced cider instead of milk into the mix, omit the raisins-(besides what apple pie has raisins in it?), and use a really tart apple for the pancakes. i think i used a red delicious, or whatever i had on hand. if i made these again-(and i will) i'll make sure to go on a good-will-hunt for a more specific type of apple.


Bex said...

well he is a Boston boy after all. Can't be changing the language around just because it's not technically correct.
and don't you mean you were an aaat major?

Chelsea said...

I like your dip idea! I usually don't even slice my apples, but I really should. I think I'd enjoy them more!

nora said...

pancakes look good, but i'm sure with your changes, it'd be even better! i like apples in salads with other autumnal ingredients like roasted squash, toasted pecans, and dried cranberries!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm. Apples. With almond butter, natch.