Thursday, October 15, 2009

fall ain't fall without persimmon pudding vegan MOFO day 15

my pal andi calls this "permission" pudding, but i say it should be mandatory pudding: that everyone try this fall hoosier classic dessert. i posted about this super decadent treat about this time last year, and rather than repeat myself, you can read about the wacky persimmon PLUS GET THE RECIPE by clicking here. trust me: just try it and tell me whatchoo think. unless you're some freak of nature that hates sweety-cinnamon based desserts, you're sure to fall in love with this dish.

there are many recipes out there for persimmon pudding, but this one is the best. as with any baked good it is proper to serve this warm to hot with a big ol' scoop of your favorite vanilla non-dairy ice cream on top.

MOFO question: what is your local favorite dessert for the fall? is there a specialty pie, cake, or cookie that your region takes particular pride in? tell all!


miss v said...

this is a weird questions for me because i rarely eat dessert. i'm just a not a sweets person, although i do like a good bowl of ice cream now and again. not really fall, though...

The Vegan SlaughterHouse said...

hey jen, your food is still looking good as ever :)