Sunday, October 4, 2009

another score from Trader Joe's! vegan MOFO day #5

i won't lie, it's really hard to find vegan chocolate that is reasonably priced and doesn't taste like chocolate flavored wax. i finally got up to indianapolis and visited a trader joe's-(i know, i know this took me way tooooo long to do!) and was amazed by the differences in pricing. mr. jewy and i decided that we'd make a monthly trip up there to stock up on vegan specialty items we can't get down here (or are just too expensive) in btown. the other awesome thing about the vegan products there is that they clearly mark vegan items with a big fat V. i left with this box of chocolates, and i think we paid $2.29 for them.

about the flavor: good-(not great, but good) for eating out of the box, and i would imagine these would be awesome crushed-(in a chocolate chunk cookie or brownie recipe) or melted for recipes. for those who are allergic to soy, there isn't any soy lecithin in the ingredients, although the label indicates that it has been manufactured on equipment that comes in contact with soy and nuts.

something else i wanted to mention/explain in today's entry is why i belong to foodbuzz, especially since my ad banner clearly features non-vegan food. joining foodbuzz was a way for me to make a little money-(and i really mean little-i get only so much $ for every 1,000 hits, so every visitor to my blog counts) for doing something i love. my family is pretty poor, so every extra penny i can bring in helps us! i also joined foodbuzz to do a little vegan outreach. i don't really expect to convert anyone, i just want to dispel the myth that vegan food is boring and get recipe ideas from omnivores that i can veganize. veganizing a hard-core omni recipe is a challenge i enjoy. of course, there are some things that shouldn't be veganized like: haggis, chitterlings, scrapple, etc.

if you ever want to join foodbuzz's featured publisher program, just drop me a line. the more of us vegans out there, the better!


Adam said...

I always find it amusing how Traders Joe is a premium brand in the USA, while in Germany it's a private label brand for Aldi.

Jen said...

@ adam: for reals? that's so mind boggling.

Chelsea said...

I love TJ's! And just FYI, they just started adding the V to packaging this year, so a lot of products that are vegan don't yet have the label.

And thanks for the info about foodbuzz! I always wondered about it. I don't think I post regularly enough for it, but maybe someday!
xoxo Chels

miss v said...

i've sort of let my foodbuzz account drop, i definitely need to pick it up again.

and i totally wish we had a trader joe's nearby. it's a 4-hour drive for me. bleh.

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

I've never seen that chocolate before. I'll look for it the next time I'm at TJs