Sunday, October 18, 2009

hello! not a flashy food post, but look--brian posehn! vegan mofo day 18

on a non-food related note, i need to apologize to you readers for not posting. i needed to take a couple days off blogging. friday was a busy day at work, and my work day began on a sad note with discovering our country neighborhood dog dead in the road. he/she was really old and just one of those parts of our rural landscape that you just assume is always going to be around for you to see. i don't want to discuss the details, but it traumatized me for a couple of days. i needed to regroup. how did i do that? i got a good nights sleep and went to a comedy show at the funny bone on saturday...
look kids, it's brian posehn--my favoritest comedian in the whole world! he's 6 foot 6 of pure fart and poop jokes! i doubt that he's vegan at all, but i don't really care. he's super funny. if you don't know who he is, look him up here. mr. jewbacca and myself have loved this man since his days on mr. show and his many appearances on news radio.
i got him to sign my big 'ol preggo belleh. and now for some food that's been hangin' out in said belleh:
simple baby spinach salad with annie's goddess dressing and mujadara
potato spinach squares (fallen apart) from vegan brunch, and a chipotle black bean burger on an everything bagel. kroger's everything bagels are vegan too! they're following the trader joe's cue and labeling things vegan with a special icon.

what did y'all eat this weekend?


Bianca said...

I don't about that Brian Posehn, but I suspect I'd love him if he's all about fart and poop jokes! Love that he signed your belly...that'll be a fun story for the baby later.

And you know, I've never even thought about eating a burger on a bagel, but that's pretty damn genius. I'm gonna do that.

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

This is fantastic. I love Mr. Show!