Sunday, October 25, 2009

brinner! MOFO day #25

well, it's getting down to the wire. i'm getting bigger, progressively more exhausted, and i bounce back and forth between wanting to cook and not wanting to cook. saturday i had a **burst** of energy and made brinner (brunch for dinner) for a couple of my friends--vegan AND gluten free. a challenge i had never attempted.
the food and conversation were so awesome, i forgot to take pics of the spread! shame on me. so please enjoy these pics of my messy assed kitchen. no worries, the beer bottle isn't mine, it's mr. jewbaccas. the menu was tofu scrambler, oven fries, jalapeno corn gravy-(*inspired from veganomicon, but made with on the fly--i severely cheated by making a gravy with corn soup, instant mashed potatoes, frank's red hot, and chopped pickled jalapenos. very good), french toast, and pumpkin/cranberry/pecan waffles made with chickpea flour. we drank ginger ale mixed with some sort of fancy juice blend instead of mimosas.
so the next day i took pics of the left overs. sorry, no waffles to post! i made the french toast with schar bread-(a gluten free loaf of these adorable mini slices). the downfall of gf bread though is that it is hard as a rock, and doesn't hold moisture too well. so instead of french toast these were frenchy toasty tasting crackers.

for dinner tonight i had more jalapeno corn gravy over a baked sweet potato. deliciously simple. i seem to be really in love with the sweet/savory/spicy combo as of lately. i take back my earlier statement about how i think i'll give birth to a bag of sugar and change that to a Frankenstein mishmash of a baby with a giant cookie for a head, a body made of savory curry, and the arms and legs will be little bottles of frank's red hot.

i'd like to get the following done before the end of the month: make chocolate covered katie's fudge babies-(and take a pick for hug a carb month!), and make an industrial batch of seitan in honor of halloween.

what are your end of the MOFO month goals?


Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

I love this post, but I love anything about brinner. I would love to see you give birth to a baby with a cookie for a head! Hee hee.

My only plan for the remaining week is to blog everyday. It's going to be hard, though. I'm running out of steam.

The Voracious Vegan said...

Your brinner sounds awesome! I love brunch ANYTIME of the day. Your messy kitchen is hilarious and your leftovers are delicious!

Good luck for the last week.