Saturday, November 6, 2010

day#6: where's the damned cat?

okay, where's garfield? you know who he is--that sarcastic fat cat who lives with his nebbish owner and a hyperactive dog named odie. that cat loves lasagna, and so do i. last year for mofo, i made this butternut squash lasagna. this year, rachwins on the ppk forum requested a lasagna dish. so out of laziness-- i married a little of the old with the new and came up with this: lentil, spinach, and butternut squash lasagna with whole wheat noodles. sounds too healthy to be tasty, right? wrong! this meal kept both our bellies and house nice and warm on one of the first cold days of fall.

i tested this on one of my vegetarian employees at work who described it as "restaurant worthy." if i served it in a restaurant, i'd call it "the demigoddess." to make the lasagna, go to the butternut squash lasagna recipe and sub the soysage with a mixture of lentils sauteed with garlic, sun dried tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and onion salt. as aforementioned, lentils are an awesome, cheap, and healthy alternative to ground meat and that hexane laced overpriced fake meat that you find at the grocery store.

so let's recap this first week of MOFO:
  • cevi-che guevara taco platter for nickvicious
  • persimmon softies for isa chandra and per-cinnamon crunch muffins for tamasin
  • mo betta taters for monique
  • close enough for lebalu
  • dag-would sammie for vijita
  • demigoddess lasagna for rachwins
what's happening in the MOFO PPK cafe for this coming week? i love a good tease, here are some clues:
  • sing along, sing a joyous purple song
  • zoiks! i'm having an eating crisis
  • cheeseburger in paradise?
  • coma inducing dessert
  • candy apples for breakfast?
  • and so much more!
thanks for stopping by. i hope i'm exposing y'all to some new ideas for your tired vegan menu, or showing the omni set that vegan food can be cheap, fun, and flavorful. thanks for helping me with my 1 million hit goal and helping my local food bank.

xo, jewy


sgcorrie said...

I want that lasagna! said...

Oh wow, that lasagne looks immense!

LebaLu said...

I am really enjoying all of the recipes, and of course, I am partial to Close Enough, but I can pick this as a savory favorite and still be true to my own dish! The lasagne sounds awesome, and brings together three of my all time favorite fall taste. Lentils and spinach I throw together all the time, but adding butternut is genius.

Anonymous said...

Tonight's the first time I've been here but I've seen you on the PPK forum and that's where I clicked your blog link after reading some suggestions you had for MoFo posts and themes.

I would have gotten to your name probably sometime next week because I'm checking out blogs alphabetically from the mofo blog roll but I'm glad I read it tonight.

Anyhow, kudos on that lasagna. Very funny and accurate description of Garfield. Looking forward to reading your blog!

Happy MoFo'ing!

miss v said...

ooo, you are definitely exposing me to something! butternut squash lasagna is quite a little mind trip for me... it's like a savory dish with some sweetness from the butternut. my little italian brain is wiggin.

panda with cookie said...

That is a rather large slice o' lasagna.

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...