Wednesday, November 24, 2010

day#24: it's getting later and later--what's a gal to do?

i'm getting to these posts just a little to late for my liking. what's a gal to do? snack. snacky-quacky-snackytown. love the snacks. i wanted s'mores. i don't have a fire place or the means to start a fire outside or in the house. mr. j would get mad if he saw that i had burned the couch down just to have toasted marshmallows, and i really need to be on his good side because channukah is right around the corner.

so i improvised. i grabbed some vegan grahams covered them with vanilla dandies-(omnis: these are vegan marshmallows) and some kroger valu-brand chocolate chips. NOTE: @$1.50 a bag, that's some cheap vegan chocolate!
put the sammie on some heavy duty foil and wrapped-(((insert record scratching noise here)))
set in a non stick skillet between level 3 and 4. watched carefully and turned a few times.
look! vegan marshmallowy goodness. wouldja look at that gooey chocolate!
hellooooo s'more. how are you? meet mah mouth.
going, going, going....
last happy shot before i stuffed the whole thing in my face. i regret not taking a post eating photo. when i went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, it looked like i had eaten it without hands and was very funny.

this snacky doo is called "alien on toast" and dedicated to BAPS and her blogging talents via her spectacular blog also called alien on toast.

what's on the menu for thanksgiving? well, i have been way inspired by mo betta vegans meatcake. she will forever go down in MOFO blogging history for that epic noshable.


Jessica @ Lima's Vegan Kitchen said...

Just amazing!!! I want smore for breakfast!

planetjenn said...

Gas stove + long fork = toasted marshmallow!!! hehehehe

Fanny said...

I made the meatcake a couple of days ago, and I can really recommend it. Mo's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Smores remind me of my brief career as a boy scout, the good parts of it anyway.

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

You are so cray cray! I love all the shots of your smores process!