Thursday, November 11, 2010

day#11: what do you do if you don't like cookies?

what do you do if you don't like cookies? wither away to nothing? cry a fountain of endless tears? i have no idea because i love cookies. i've met someone who doesn't though, and in spite of her aversion to cookies she's a pretty cool gal: bcococakes. she was my october ppk care package swap partner. she stumped me by listing cookies as one of her dislikes. i wasn't sure if i could make her happy, but i did my best and the rest is history! on the old forum thread, she suggested a dessert made with a waffle, topped with soy ice cream and drizzled with a chocolaty-coffee-caramel coating. don't forget the cashews! i shall call this decadent treat the "oops i did it again!"
i'm sorry if i ever judged you, bcococakes. it's totally cool if you don't like cookies, because that leaves more for me and cookie monster. besides, this dessert is genius. here's said dessert without flash. i have a pretty crappy camera, so my food porn definitely lacks a professional appearance. i'm hoping i can learn more at the vegan blogging conference in august of 2011. assembling the treat is a piece of cake: take 1/2 a vegan waffle, top with your favorite vanilla non-dairy ice cream, and whip up a sauce made with vegan chocolate chips, brown rice syrup, a touch of soy creamer, a teaspoon of EB, and a pinch of instant coffee powder.
here it is with the flash. i like photo without the flash.

if you could do something better with your blog, what would you do?


Candy Beans said...

If I could do something better, I'd:

Post regularly
Post more original recipes
Have way nicer pictures
Improve the prose - I get so lazy.

That dessert looks awesome, flash or no flash.

Amey said...

ha ha! my ppk swap partner wanted "no sweets." it was crazy! I kept having to stop myself from buying sweeties for her.

I've been trying to improve my blog lately... trying to make it something interesting enough that people would actually enjoy reading it. I'm trying to build themes for my posts and find the right balance of how much writing to include. And, someday I might like to start making up my own recipes.

missmuffcake said...

I need to take better pics, I am so lazy when it comes to picture taking.

I feel bad but my Oct. care package is going out tomorrow. I finally finished a 3+ hour embroidery project I hope she likes! :)

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

That looks pretty much AMAZING!

My partner only wanted non-refined sugars, so I had to scratch all my original ideas. But it was fun for me because she was awesome and I learned to read labels for the type of sugar.