Friday, November 26, 2010

day#26: dinner in a tzip

most nights i don't really have time to make or even eat a good dinner. i get out of work, pick up kids from day care, possibly run an errand, go home, fix them something to eat, then throw something to eat that i devour over the kitchen sink while furiously multitasking.
this particular night i had some leftover roasted multi-potato blend:(yukons, russets, reds, and sweet). i threw them into the mini chopper for a few seconds so they were finely chopped, but not blended. i added them to some baba ganouj i had made, threw in a T of flour and made this gigantoid babagalatke. it was a big risk to blend two very unique dishes of my heritage together and see what would happen. i lucked out! this would make a really rad snack to bring to the upcoming channukah bazaar. what, you haven't been invited? just crash it. you know you want to.


you can read all about latkes and baba ganouj by clicking on the links. i don't have recipes for either, i just can make them on command and they turn out great every time. being jewish and all-- sometimes i wonder if i've been genetically programmed to make both, but i doubt it, i'm about as jewish as a Qdoba is Mexican.

so from one heeb to the other, i dedicate this babagalatke to tzippy who writes for the jewish vegan. i don't even know if she's on the new ppk boards. so many people have changed their names i can't keep up with them.

so tzippy, this one is for you--the latke is simply called "esquire."

happy eating!

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Candy Beans said...

This looks really excellent! I'm going to have a lot of cooking to do after I recover from MoFo.