Wednesday, January 7, 2009

which cook book do you use the most?

if i had to answer RIGHT NOW, i'd say Vegan With a Vengeance. How It All Vegan-(which i don't own, but have my fave recipes written down) is a very close second. i'm super excited about my other three cookbooks i scored over the holidays, so they'll be getting more use. i'm also psyched about testing for vegan crunk too and will be wielding a wooden spoon in her honor this weekend in my kitchen.

i had another kitchen disaster. i don't have them too often, but when i do they are so jarring i get all shy about getting back in the kitchen. i tried to make an indian dish with curried spinach, fenugreek, and chickpeas. i misread the recipe and ground fenugreek seeds instead of using dried fenugreek and the dish was so bitter it couldn't be doctored. i cried as i scraped the pan into the compost pile. I CRIED. we're poor and i hate wasting food. i don't even think the worms will eat that.

the picture above is the fettuccine alfreda from VWAV. it's so easy to make, you'll cry, but they'll be tears of happiness. you'll cry harder after you eat it too(more of an orgasmic cry)--it's that rich. not low in fat, but it's the good kind of fat from nuts and plants so you don't have to worry about cholesterol. i like accompanying pasta dishes with asparagus. i don't care if it makes my pee smell. i could eat it every day. now that i think about it, there aren't too many vegetables that i wouldn't eat.


pixiepine said...

I used the 3 Sarah Kramer books so much they are all burn-marked and water-warped and such. Lately I am sticking with little cookzines, as I like the exciting punk-rock recipes. Vegan Planet usually works out pretty well for us too.

Joanna said...

hey jen. i hate wasting food, too. sometimes i'll try to force myself to eat it, but other times it's just too gross to stomach.

i made kale, tomato, celery, and cabbage juice (all together) and i wanted to vomit when i tried it. sooo sick!!

i hope the worms eat your indian dish. i've never tried fenugreek just because not a lot of recipes use it.

my dehydrator was $60 and it's the cheapest one i found. i didn't want to spend a lot on one just in case i wouldn't be using it a lot. well, that obviously didn't happen, but this one works really well.

Anonymous said...

It's so heartbreaking to have to throw away food, especially after spending good money on it and going through all the trouble of cooking it! I'm a firm believer in "eating your mistakes" (read: "that'll teach ya!"), but sometimes that's just beyond human endurance...

Although I own several cookbooks, I usually find myself improvising with whatever I have on hand, according to what I feel like eating (eg. today's lunch was burritos with spinach, avocado, salsa, black beans sautéed with garlic, and nootch). The one exception is baking; then "Vegan with a Vengeance", "Veganomicon" and "La Dolce Vegan!" are my references.

Bianca said...

I love that your wielding a wooden spoon for me! Makes me feel all special inside!

As for cookbooks, I probably use Vegan with a Vengeance and VCon the most. I try to branch out and use my other books but I keep coming back to those two. They're just that good.

Don't fret over the mishap. I once put a WHOLE CAN of chipotle peppers in some chipotle bean burgers (when it called for one pepper, and I misread the recipe). The result was so hot that I thought my tongue was going to fall off. But I made myself the damn burger anyway. I was so mad about it that the next day, I bought all the stuff again and started over. It was the principle of the matter, the fact that I didn't clearly read the recipe, that really bothered me the most.

Sal said...

I must admit I'm bad at using my cookbooks, although vegan with a vengeance is one of my favourites

The one I use most regularly is probably Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, that book is beyond awesome.

That sucks about having to throw food away - I get very upset when I have to do this too!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Aw Jen, I'm so sorry. If it makes you feel better, I cried last night too because of a kitchen disaster (err, I cried after the THIRD disaster). First, the wheatberries I was going to use were bad. So I made up some oatmeal, but it boiled over. Then, as I was going to clean the oatmeal mess, I knocked into my plate and spilled over the seitan (and the plate shattered as well). Sometimes we just have those days :o/

But LOL an Israeli Richard Simmons?! Haha Richard Simmons is so crazy-- I love it!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about your disaster...who knows, maybe you have some bitter-loving worms in that pile!?! I know what you mean about wasting...with food prices so high, it really hurts!
I don't use the Kramer books much, though I did use "How if all vegan" more a few years ago. I think I probably use VWAV or VCON and Vive le Vegan the most. I also do a lot of cookbook testing, so lately that's where most of my meals have been coming from!
And to answer your question, nope, Fish isn't my real name (but how fun would that have been?). When I was a kidlet Shellyfish became my nickname - simple as that! :)

Mari said...

I was cooking an indian dish once and accidentally grabed herbs du provence instead of dried cilantro (or something like that).

I always say that if I mess up badly we'll just order pizza and it'll be ok but this was the only time I've ever actually done it.

pizza = safety net.