Friday, January 23, 2009

vegan-a-go-go: review

sarah, why are you talking into a shoe?

i got this book for the holidays and couldn't be happier. if i had an unlimited amount of money at my fingertips, i would probably donate it to various causes, but reserve a nice chunk of it so i could go to sarah kramer's tattoo shoppe tp get inked and buy all her books--srsly. she's absolutely adorable, has awesome fashion sense, and her recipes are great. my only complaint is that there isn't any food porn. i like that she lists other people's recipes in her books as well, with one of my favorites being miki's pumpkin bread.

in VAGG (heh-heh, the title reads VAG), kramer packs all of her tried and true recipes (plus some new ones), and vegan travel tips into a sturdy, handy-dandy travel book that fits right in your purse, rucksack, or luggage. this book is a must have for the traveling vegan, supportive friend, or family member of a vegan.

i don't normally rate things on a star system, but if i had to VAGG would get 4 out of 5. again, if there were photos of the dishes, it would be perfect.


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Once again, you are the SWEETEST! And you're so right-- as vegans, we have to be nice to people as well as animals (although with some people, it's super-hard lol!).

I love How it all Vegan, Sarah Kramer's first cookbook.

Chelsea said...

VAGG haha! Fitting because she was in the Vagina Monologues!

I love her, too. She was in town doing a book signing for VAGG and I missed it and I'm still kicking myself over it!

Jenn said...

I too missed the book signing at Moo Shoes in NYC, but I love the book! Nice review.

Crazy Vegan Mom said...

It is also one of my fantasies to head to Canada and get inked at her tattoo shop! Some day.

miss v said...

thanks for the review!

Abby said...

Hi jen! i'm very much pleased that you have taken time to give me suggestions. Actually right now I am in our University library and guess what? I'm just gonna do what you said! wish me luck ;) and I hope that you would continue posting wonderful ideas on your blog. thank you so much again....Go healthy living! ;)