Wednesday, January 28, 2009

greek green beans

in my pregan and pregnant days, vin and i went to a greek restaurant up in indy. it was really good, but kind of pricey. remember the scene from fast times at ridgemont high when the nerdy guy took jennifer jason leigh's character out on a date and they went to that restaurant? the waitress kept bringing plates of food out to them because he forgot his wallet and was stalling. anyway, my point is that greek restaurant piled on the food. one of the dishes i loved was the greek green beans. they were super savory, and i'm pretty sure weren't vegan. last year for my birthday, vin got me "i like you: hospitality under the influence" by amy sedaris. most of the dishes aren't very vegan, but i was tickled pink to find a recipe for greek green beans that was 100% vegan:
now doesn't that look good? i wasn't ambitious enough to make a vegan gyro, so i had it with a bagel and tofutti cream cheese. i love eating green beans prepared like this. i ate the whole bowl over an entire week, every night as a side or main dish. they're super easy to make. i topped the beans with homemade vegan parmesan. i never measure, but i use the following: nooch, granulated garlic, 6-8 raw almonds, sea salt, sesame seeds, and sun dried tomato basil ms. dash. i put it all in a coffee grinder and get an awesome tasting faux parmesan. i imagine it would be rad on popcorn, but i'm not much of a popcorn eater.
i'm a bonafide cookie monster. i love the chocolate chip cookie recipe from VWAV, but i tried this one from vegan-a-go-go. the recipe is very similar-(i found the dough texture to be the same--crumbly), but these came out a little better than the VWAV ones. i like to make my cookies by pressing the dough in muffin tins, half-way full, so you get a very thick cookie cup. they are even better fresh outta the oven and served ala mode with some soy delicious or rice dream.


Anonymous said...

Love the green beans and cream cheese bagel! Sounds very tasty!

WHOA! I love your idea for cookie muffins! I've got to try that one!

Kelly said...

Next time I make cookies I'm definitely putting them in muffin tins. Stroke of genius! Thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

Both of those look extremely yummy!

Bianca said...

The dough from the VwaV recipe is a little crumbly. Tasty, but crumbly. Glad it's not just me. The muffin tin idea is genius! More cookie for my mouth.

I adore Amy Sedaris (and David too!). I should get that book.

pixiepine said...

Cookie muffins...YUM!!!!