Monday, January 26, 2009

turn up the skynnard, dude!

yesterday was my sunday working at juvie. i tore up that kitchen and made some really good eats. among the culinary soiree were two of vegan crunk's recipes: southern fried tempeh steak with white gravy and country potato soup. even though i'm not a huge fan of skynnard, i swear i could hear "sweet home alabama" playing in the cassette tape of my mind. i would have preferred "mississippi queen" by Mountain, but you get what you get in my brain. silly note: i always thought it was funny that KFC would use that song to sell something that was hailed to be from kentucky. my husband and i have an ongoing joke of going, "hey, isn't that the kentucky fried chicken song?" when skynnard is on the radio.

just look at that awesomeness! check out that crunchy assed coating! this is a much better choice because you're saving some chix from death row, but i'd be lyin' if i told you eating fried foods is good for you. the tempeh was great with the gravy, but i thought it would have been even better with some cole slaw, buttermilk biscuits, and a tall glass of sweet tea. i didn't have time to make those, i was just samplin' the platter. i don't eat fried foods too often anymore because my tummy can't take it. i'm super excited about this cook book of hers.
ever heard of a foodgasm? it's that moan one makes after they've taken a bite out of something really good. i usually release foodgasms when eating desserts, but i couldn't hold myself back after nomming this bowl of soup. and believe you me, i'm picky about soup.


Anonymous said...

Can you say...AMAZING!?!

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

Yum...I can't believe that coating!

Joanna said...

i used to HATE sweet home alabama but i sorta like the kid rock version. haha forgive me!!

i think it's so cool you work at juvie! are you the cook??? can you make whatever the hell you want??

and don't worry, i have foodasms all the time!!

miss v said...

i love it - foodgasm.

Bianca said...

Yea!!! Yours looks better than mine! Did you slice the tempeh long-ways too? Jessy did hers that way, and I think I'm gonna change the recipe to tell folks to slice the block in half and then each of those pieces longways. It'd make more and be thinner...just a thought.

Thanks for making (and likin') my stuff, dude. I promise to have new recipes up soon. I'm having some major connection issues with my borrowed PC and my stupid modem. Apparently, I just don't understand how to make PCs get online. I gotta get some computer-minded friends over to figure it out.

The Vegan SlaughterHouse said...

damn girl this looks reaaaaaal good... keep on killin' it ma!