Friday, January 2, 2009

pardon my biscuits for this late post

taken with my phone camera: tofu scramble, hashbrowns, miso happy gravy and biscuits

so whadda you do when you have to work the day after x-mas? yes-yes, cry a little on the inside because all your friends and family members have the day off and are chillaxing in front of the t.v. stuffin' their faces with great food. here's what i did: i softened the blow of workin' and made an awesome breakfast for me and my other two co-workers that had to spend the day in the mail order department.

i made the biscuits with the VWAV recipe, and because i used whole wheat flour that wasn't sifted, they were a tad heavy. but anything, i mean anything can be doctored with gravy. am i right or what? i made my miso happy gravy and used imagine's creamy portobello mushroom soup instead of the regular water and it turned out super rich-(and kinda gross lookin').

as for my tofu scramble, i make it with whatever i have on hand and i don't have an official recipe. i should really be more mindful and take notes with what i throw in the skillet. all i know is that it's really effin' good, and i could probably eat it every day. i know you think your tofu scramble brings all the boys, girls, and thirds to the yard, but i think it's just a matter of preference. personally, i'm not that wild about anyone else's tofu scramble except mine and the one they serve at michigan womyn's music festival. side note: i quit going there some time ago because of their stupid assed womyn-born-womyn policy. that's for another blog.

my plentiful plate from the siam house in bloomington, in

a week or so before x-mas, vin and i carved out some time to have a lunch date-(just the two of us, no bebeh) and we went to one of my favorite buffets at the siam house. thai food isn't hard to veganize, but typically is made with fish sauce, so you have to be a good pain-in-the-ass-vegan and ask ahead of time. i did and the management informed me that the vegetarian items are not made with fish sauce. that's the cool thing about b-town. there are so many veg heads here that many places know what a vegan is and will happily make something vegan for you if they don't have anything on the menu. i had a helping of the cold veggie salad, mango sticky rice with plantains, and some red curry tofu. it was soooo good.


Mean Mel said...

I know what you mean about tofu scramble. I LOVE my own, and I know that sounds like I'm all full of myself, but I know what I like. When I have other scrambles, they're good too...but they're not mine.

Does that womyn-born-womyn policy have anything to do with discriminating against transgender people? If so, I'd be against that policy too.

Bianca said...

Oops, that last comment came from Bianca, not Mean Mel. I'm using a co-worker's computer.

Chelsea said...

There's a Thai buffet in Bloomington?!? This Portlander is totally jealous! haha we have a few Indian and a veg Chinese buffet, but neither are very good.

You are an awesome coworker to make breakfast for everyone! And yes, gravy does make everything better!

Jen aka Jewbacca said...

@mean mel-(but really bianca): yep, that's what the policy is. it just broke my heart to see these "feminists" be so fucking hateful towards other women. so i've decided to protest with my wallet and tell everyone else i know how stupid their policy is.

@ chelsea: i can't believe there isn't a thai place in portland. doesn't jess from get sconed blog about some thai place?

Sal said...

I'm the same about scrambles, my friend tries but it's never the same. Maybe because their cupboards are bare of spices and stuff and mine have shit falling out and hitting me in the face on a regular basis.

miss v said...

i still haven't perfected a tofu scramble i'm in love with... but i'm going to keep trying!

Mari said...

Esan Thai is doing the same thing now; automatically no fish sauce if you ask for a dish to be made with tofu. It didn't use to be this way and I still always ask out of habit.

Anonymous said...

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