Saturday, January 17, 2009

bacon and cookies...two tastes that go great together!

of course i didn't eat the bacon with the cookies. i am a sucker for sweet and savory, but not in this case. i tested vegan crunk's bringin' home the tempeh bacon (shown above) for her southern cook book. again, i can't disclose the ingredients, but i can say that it has tempeh in it. duh. this tasted different from the bacon in VWAV, just in case you were wondering. it made a very nice sammich.

these are the sparkly ginger molasses cookies from VWAV. these were really, really good. pardon the shitty photo, but these darlins really do sparkle with the loving glow of turbinado crystals. i want to try another molasses cookie recipe in the near future: delaware cry babies. anyone ever heard of them? my co-worker made them once (in my pregan days) and they were super soft, fluffy, and chewy--like a cake masquerading as a cookie. i just don't know if veganizing it will work. i'll let you know how it works out.
these cookies also make a gnarly soy delicious ice cream sammich.


Chelsea said...

I LOVE those cookies! I made like 6 batches in December :) Why have I not made an ice cream sandwich with them yet? You're a frackin' genius!

Joanna said...

jen, that is not a lot of ice cream on that ice cream sandwich at all!! have i taught you nothing about eating junk food?? haha

those cookies look soo soft and delectable. i can taste them in my mouth just by the name of them. i don't have vwav so i guess i'll just have to dream about them.

i have no clue what delaware cry babies are. i really want one though.

miss v said...

man i was craving bacon this weekend... (really i was craving a BLT). i didn't have any tempeh. :( i've got to get some in the house - those strips look yummy!

Jenn said...

Dude, I'm FROM Delaware and I've never heard of delaware cry babies!

Your bacon and cookies look great.

Jenn said...

Ha! I just googled delaware cry babies cookies and your blog post came up 4th! I did find a recipe.

Sal said...

i love those ginger cookies too, they are sooo good.

Joanna said...

ok, this message is to jenn-

i can't believe you haven't heard of a cookie that is named after your own damn state!!!

are you living under a rock?? haha