Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Got it bad, so baaad, I'm hot for HuHot

This is actually a picture from my buddy Dan's yearly Mongolian BBQ party two years ago. I just wanted to make a plug for HuHot for all of you lazy vegans who don't like to cook and are scoping out new digs to dine.

So, I balked at this adventure for many reasons. There's the whole dress like Genghis thingy that I'm not so fond of, and there's plenty of animal meat. I'm not one of those vegans who is opposed to dining in an omnivorous establishment, I just doubted I'd find anything substantial. I was pretty hungry and it was Mr. J's birthday.

So I consulted the IU Veg web page and put my vegan superpowers to use. I told our server I was vegan and she promptly gave me a food allergy list so I knew what sauces I could use. Then she told me the grill guys would thoroughly clean off a spot on the grill, section it off from all the meat, fish, and cook my own individual stir fry. Pretty cool, huh?

First time up I had tofu, pineapple, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, and wheat noodles. I chose ginger juice, garlic oil, and Kung Pao, Yow! sauce. So you don't have to go through a bunch of research, here are the vegan sauce options:

  • Samurai Teriyaki
  • Kung Pao, Yow!
  • Not So Sweet n' Sour
  • Feed The Hordes Hoisin

All sauces have allergen information on their respective placards on the bar, if you forget. I was really bummed that many of the sauces contain fish or mollusk stock--so even you vegetarians beware! That stir fry might not even be vegetarian! C'mon, Hu-Hot: how hard is it to make a VEGAN PEANUT sauce?

All in all, I would go again.


Deconstructing Samsara said...

Thanks! Work looking at a post-holiday gathering at HuHot and I was like, what the hell am I going to eat. Probably either not go or go but only eat veg spring rolls as I don't like to comingle my vegan fixings on the questionably clean meat grill...

Jason Ellisor said...

Kung pow...yow! Is NOT vegan. It has chicken broth. Only the sauces highlited in green ink that say "vegetarian friendly" are vegan. When in doubt, ask the manager as I did.