Monday, February 27, 2012

All Hail Justin's Nut Butter

Did you ever think you'd be addicted to a blog written by Beavis and Butthead? I giggle every time I think about Justin's nuts and his butter, and cannot stop my mind from producing a bunch of dirty jokes. I also cry a little because it is so incredibly expensive. I don't care how tasty one's nut butter is, I can't spend justify spending that much on something like that.

Well, Mr. J. picked some up on sale for $3 less than regular price and surprised me with it. Wow! After having some on a peanut butter pretzel, I remembered why it is nice to pamper oneself with luxury items. How often do we waste our money on stuff we think will work but doesn't? C'mon, I know you have a thighmaster collecting dust in your basement, and a DIY Botox kit by Ronco hidden in your garage. You bought those things thinking they would be life altering. Three installments of $39.95 and you'll be so much better than you already are. Really?

How often do we invest in ourselves by getting something we love? For me, not often enough because I just feel like it's wasteful or something. Would we hesitate to do this for someone we love? Of course not. I get caught up in being ashamed of being working class and justify not getting myself nice stuff because I should be taking care of other things. Really? Is spending the full price of $9.99 gonna break me if I do it a couple times of year? Nope.

And Justin doesn't put a bunch of trans fats and sugar in his nutty butter either. I mean, his products with honey aren't vegan, but I don't buy those. It's not like I'm buying that other brand that rhymes with rubella that has a bunch of milk fat in it. So, do something nice for yourself and splurge a little. It's honestly okay. You're worth it.


Bianca said...

God, I love that stuff! I'm cheap on most things, but I do not mind splurging on Justin's. It's funny because I'll stress over paying $10 for a shirt on sale...or a book. But I will not think twice about paying $10 for nut butter (or a martini). Guess that shows where my priorities are.

Anonymous said...

I haven't had a chocolate nut butter since my pre-vegan days, and then it was that other brand... Lately, it seems like every omni blog out there has some sort of "rubella" recipe. I kind of miss the stuff (of course not enough to actually eat it!).

Erin said...

Their chocolate hazelnut butter is SO GOOD. I love the maple almond. I don't keep them in the house, but I do buy the little packets on occasion as a treat to take on trips with me. I actually just bought one of each to take on a work trip this weekend, it'll help me look forward to scrounging around on the breakfast buffet to see what I can put it on!