Friday, December 5, 2008

rubbing me the raw way

jicima and carrot salad with fresh cut mangoes
i was starving 20 minutes after i ate this.

silly fear of mine, i'm afraid of cooking raw food. yeah, you heard me right RAW FOOD. redonkulous, eh? raw food is so awesome and the name implies no cooking. what could be more fun? a poke in the eye with a sharp stick! (making voice of triumph the insult comic dog) i kid, i kid--i make joke for you!
i'm reading raw food, real world: 100 recipes to get the glow. i've been inspired by some of my vegan blogging buddies to try more raw foods. the book is pretty awesome, but makes me furious with jealousy because i'm super effin' broke and can't afford to buy some of the food, equipment, and other things a nice vegan/raw kitchen has. i found myself with a case of the i wannas...i wanna food dehydrator, i wanna vitamix, i wanna mandolin, i wanna have access to unlimited young coconuts, i wanna pantry full of awesome ingredients.
so, make do with what ya got. i scored some jicima at the food pantry. sliced it up, paired it with some shredded carrots, and tossed it in some lime juice and grapefruit juice. voila, very basic raw salad. i'm eating it for lunch and i really regret not getting bolder with some spices at home. i think a dash of cumin, cinnamon, and chili powder would have made it better.
i'm a sucker for lara bars too. after reading jo's recent blog entry, i think i might give the food-in-bar form a DIY try, of course. i'm just wondering if it'll be cost effective. $30 of ingredients will make how many bars? i was an art major, not a math major. if it doesn't work out, i'm ace at food in cookie and muffin form. i realize that isn't raw though. so i'll eat the batter or dough. guffaw.
another raw thing: eating that way in the summer months makes perfect sense-(smoothies, salads, and juice oh my!), but how do you enjoy raw eatin' in the winter? cold soup? no thanks. i am committed to being open minded about it though because as a vegan you have to have an open mind if you're going to survive.


Joanna said...

i cracked up when you said "i'm afraid of cooking raw food." i always say that and have to remind myself that i'm not "cooking" anything.

i want EVERYTHING that you want too. i would kill for a dehydrator and vitamix. they are so darn expensive!

Bianca said...

The worst part about eating raw is the constant hunger. I'm always hungry at least an hour after I eat anything raw, no matter how big the portion....which does give me a nice excuse to snack all day (but then it has to be healthy snacks...blah!).

I don't have any of those fancy raw tools either though I sometimes borrow my parents' dehydrator. A vitamix would be soooo awesome...definitely on my wish list. And I want one of those spiral slicers to make pretty veggie spaghetti noodles...Right now, I use a vegetable peeler and it looks more like fetticine.

Sal said...

I have a bit of a fear about raw food too, but I do see lots of raw blogged stuff that looks amazing.

I just always think of sex & the city where they have to go for pizza afterwards!

I can't afford the pricey gadgets either. I REALLY want a vita-mix. I work on a food show a couple of times a year and I am always walking past their stand looking at them longingly and hoping they'll give me a freeby!! It's not working!

Anonymous said...