Wednesday, December 31, 2008

check out the buzz

i followed CCV's suggestion and joined foodbuzz. it's a great networking site for all things foodie related. it's still very new to me, so i feel frustrated navigating my way around the site and getting the appropriate foodbuzz stuff to paste in the right places of my blog, but i'm sure i'll catch on and it will all be good in a week or so.
i'm having fun with my new cookbooks and have made a couple things: gazebo cheesecake from the ultimate uncheese cookbook and broccoli chickpea casserole from VWAV-(i've had that cook book for a while now.) pictures to be posted later.


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

LOL I like your new name, Jewbacca :o). And yay for joining foodbuzz! I hope you have an awesome new year's, Jen. You deserve it!!!

Vinnie said...

That uncheese cheesecake is amazing!

miss v said...

i'm glad you are on foodbuzz! i just added you to my list - if you have any questions about fb, let me know. you will get the hang of it.

happy 2009! looking forward to your new posts!

Sal said...

I've wondered what foodbuzz was about when I've seen it on other blogs.

I was hoping santa would bring me the uncheese book but he didn't so I guess I'm gonna have to buy it myself!!

Mari said...

They sponsor my blog. They're very nice. Once in awhile they send me random stuff in the mail, which is kind of unbelievable if you think about it.

I liked reading your other blog but now blogspot tells me I'm not allowed. Boo!

Anonymous said...