Wednesday, October 8, 2008

simple and filling-beans, greens, & gimme lean

i don't know where in the hell i came up with this combo: greens-(kale, chard, spinach), gimme lean, and white beans. i'm sure i saw it in a cookbook, on someone else's food blog, but it could have been in a magazine, or saw a glimpse of it on the TV. i think wherever i saw it the dish was an omni concoction with real sausage, and i made a pledge to give it a vegan makeover. maybe i had a dream about it--does it really matter? not really. it was really good and a cinch to fix.

i sauteed the greens first in some olive oil and crushed garlic, then i added the gimme lean well cooked with some red pepper flakes, and added a can of drained & rinsed white beans and some braggs. it was hella good. i served this mixture with some itallian bread drizzled in olive oil and slices of plum tomatoes from my ghetto garden.

MOFO assignment: what are your on-the-spot signature pieces? i think this dish will be part of the collection along with isa's banana bread.


Anonymous said...

That does sound hella good! hee hee

Very soul food-esque.

Having signature dishes is the best. It's comforting to have recipes that you know you can make perfectly each and every time.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Haha I love how it rhymes.

evestirs said...

i have some gimme lean in the fridge...thanks for the idea :)

Bianca said...

Yum! You can't go wrong with beans, greens, and veggie sausage! My signature go-to dishes are probably beans and cornbread, biscuits and soy sausage gravy, and my all-time fave breakfast of homemade tofu cottage cheese over toast with Marmite.