Saturday, August 20, 2011

And the winner is....

I haven't been this excited since I found out about vegan Parmesan. Wait, that's a lie. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty happy, I just needed something to describe that goofy picture of me.

The winner of my granola giveaway is Nicole of A Dash of Compassion. She had two ideas, one sounded baffling-(basil and lemon?), and the other had winner written all over it! I'm going to start working on a custom batch of chocolate coffee granola. Once I'm happy with it, I'll give it a name just like a baby, wrap it up carefully and give it to her loving arms at VVC. Yay!

Thanks everyone for playing. Btw--I was totally stumped by pasta and sweet potatoes in granola. I don't even know how to begin to do that. Bars? Trucksr4gurls, I'll have to do some homework. Thanks for the muse. If I ever do make anything with it, know you'll get some cred and a little care package.

My Top Ten Lists for today are:

Vegan Cookbooks That Just Don't Get Enough Love: *I know these get read, but I feel no one really talks about these books enough. I lovey-love-love Isa. I think she's the cat's whiskers. I also think other vegan authors need some propers.
1. American Vegan Kitchen
2. Vegan Lunch Box
3. Vegan On The Cheap
4. Viva Vegan
5. Vegan A Go-Go
6. Papa Tofu
7. Gary Null's Power Foods
8. 500 Vegan Recipes
9. Nona's Italian Kitchen
10 Ultimate Uncheeze Cookbook

My Favorite Blogs- I recognize some of these aren't on my roll. Shame on me. I'm lazy.
  1. More Than Tofu n' Sprouts-Goddess of veganizing comfort food. She could kick Paula Deen's ass!
  2. Veg Spinz-The most gorgeous food photography ever. I said EVER!
  3. Vegan Crunk-We're kindred spirits. I'm the Yankee version of her.
  4. The Cosmopolitan Hour-I don't agree with everything they say, and they make me think about things.
  5. Suicide Food-It's a non-cooking vegan blog. Or is it?
  6. Vegan Appetite-I'm too busy to participate in her Food Network Fridays, but I always lurk to see what has happened.
  7. Post Punk Kitchen-Isa's writing style is funny and informative.
  8. Have Cake Will Travel-I've come to love Celine. In fact, my husband and I sing "Celine!" to the tune of "Sailing" by Christopher Cross.
  9. Dumbledore's Vegan Army-Louzilla is amazing. Harry Potter forever.
  10. Seitan Beats Your Meat-Kelly is awesome and adorable. I'm old enough to be her mother.

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Lori said...

You've named a few of my favorite books, Tami's being at the top of my list. I love American Vegan Kitchen. Vegan on the Cheap has my favorite soup in it (Black Bean and Corn Chowder), and I use both Viva Vegan and 500 Vegan Recipes. Unbelievably, I have owned the Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook for months and months and haven't made one recipe. (BAD Lori!!! :) I'm a vegan cookbook ho! :)