Monday, January 3, 2011

losing my cookies, um i mean my mind.

family favorites from VCIYCJ: sugar cookies decorated by blasto, chocolate crinkles, and ginger snaps. anyone notice my lovable gay rights gingersnap all the way to the right?

here's the thing: i've been trying to write this entry for a @#%*&ng week. a week! i had it all planned out, i'd blather in my daria-esque meets martha stewart voice about all the great stuff i got for x-mas, how much fun i had making cookies out of vegan cookies invade your cookie jar with my son, and how santa had a jolly good time eating said cookies.

pictured above: close up of ginger snaps and chocolate crinkle cookies

then life happened. someone got sick in our house again-(pink eye part 1), again-(pink eye part 2/stomach flu part 2), and again-(sinusy sort of mcdeathy thingamabob). mr. j and i have figured that someone in our house has been sick for the past 3.5-4 months. we don't even know where one sickness ended and the other one began! we're avid hand washers and everyone received flu shots this year. fess up: who made the voodoo dolls of me and the fam? boo! did i mention we have our house on the market so i've had to make it look 'presentable' at all times? yeah--i'm having a blast.

then i had other stuff to do because i haven't figured out how to clone myself and put my clones to work so i can sit around in my underwear all day cooking, reading, and playing with my children.

the chocolate crinkles are my absolute fave. it's like a gooey chocolate cookie and a brownie did it and had cookie babies!

i'm at 85% health now and have been putzing around in the kitchen. coming up will be a smash up on a couple of rancheros recipes, an ode to pancakes, and some more cookie shots from the vegan cookie connoisseur.

oh yeah, i can't forget about appetite for reduction! i'll probably talk about that too. fat activists, it ain't whatchoo think so don't get stabby and think that isa has sold out. hardly the case. this is an amazing whole foods cookbook. i've tried a few recipes and enjoy them quite a bit.

keep visiting and eat well!

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panda with cookie said...

I love those crinkle cookies. I ought to make some soon.