Sunday, December 26, 2010

this dish is the shiznat

c'mon--it's pizza! how hard is it to mess it up? as you can see from the scorching of the sun dried tomatoes, not very difficult in my kitchen. but that's neither here nor there--this was delicious pizza. i know it's easy to order delivery, but man-oh-man if you really want to stick it to the man, just make your own. it tastes better because it's made with love. seriously--have some friends over for a BYOT-(that's bring your own topping) pizza party. if glee ain't yer thing-(and boy howdy, it is SO not mine) you can nosh on your pies and watch rock n' roll high school. make a few batches of dough to have ready to go, you'll want to make it the morning of your shindig, or even the night before. i heartily endorse tami's book american vegan kitchen the chicago style deep dish crust is insanely delectable. i piled on my favorite toppings over my very own i wanna be your joey ramone pizza sauce. i caved and got some daiya cheese. it still would have been fine without it.

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