Wednesday, January 19, 2011

you can't say that anymore...

apparently one cannot say "win!" anymore. it's passe.

i say, "whatever." which is also passe.

i'll tell you what isn't old news: this soup--the red lentil and root veggie dal from appetite for reduction. i know, i know--low fat?!?! anything i've tried that is low fat usually tastes like dirt, but hear me out: this ain't no old school weight loss cook book full of gross recipes that make you hungry five minutes later. this is a whole foods cook book that isa wrote for herself and decided to share with everyone. i'm glad she did. many of the recipes can be made in a flash if you're a busy beaver like moi. this soup is incredibly filling, savory, and didn't taste like cardboard. bravo!

i've tried the following so far:
  • red lentil and root veggie dal- WIN!
  • i can't remember the name of the dressing, but it reminded me of annie's goddess dressing- WIN!
  • roasted apple/butternut squash soup- not for me. i found this to be odd, since i like this combo in baked goods. just not soup.
  • sanctuary dressing-WIN! if you miss ranch dressing this is for you. great dip for veggies and bread sticks.
  • savory broiled tofu-SUPER WIN and SUPER EASY! ***tip: make a few batches to use throughout the week. makes great reubens.

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Cat said...

At a glance your blog is intriguing to me. Plan to go thru it when I have more time. Have to say tho I disagree about low fat food tasting like dirt. I've made some wonderful dishes completely void of added fats. No matter, glad I found your blog.