Thursday, August 20, 2009

product review!

readers, i think i'm getting a cold. aaaaand i have to go out of town tomorrow. yuk! that's part of the reason i didn't post last night, i just wanted to go to bed.

so--this week's product review: ethnic gourmet's pad thai with tofu. vegan? check. priced nicely? on sale, check. was it good? yup. the serving was just right, and believe it or not, even though it says "mildly spiced" it wasn't mild at all. granted, i like things pretty hot on the spice scale, and this exceeded my expectations. if i had a cold chai tea with me while eating this, i would have felt like i was at btown's local thai eatery, siam house. btw: siam house guarantees that vegan/vegetarian dishes contain no fish products, a common downfall of many thai restaurants.

so, this gets two turntables and a microphone. do keep in mind, that is pretty high praise for a frozen meal. i'd much rather eat pad thai at a restaurant or make my own bastardized version of it which is very spicy.
it'll be hard to post from the road, but i'll see what i can do. if you don't hear from me tomorrow, have a great weekend!


miss v said...

i'll have to give this a try. i'm a spice-a-holic too!

Eddie G said...


Your product reviews rule!

Jamey said...

mmm, I love spicy - it can never be spicy enough. I have industrial size red-pepper flakes that I go through in just a few months.

I'm not sure if I've seen this in any stores around here, but I'll be on the look out!