Friday, August 14, 2009

mocha fudge...not so delicious this time

dear so delicious:
so delicious you have failed me! i bought your mocha fudge on sale at kroger's to review for my food blog. i was excited about trying a new flavor. i opened the container and saw a mostly mocha soy ice cream with faint whispers of what i would guess to be fudge ripples. at first i thought, well if i scoop deeper, there's surely some more chocolate in here, but there was not. BOO!
if you're going to call something "blah blah blah + fudge" here's a suggestion: don't go skimpy on the fudge . us fudgies are depending on nice thick gooey ribbons of the stuff to fulfill our 6-8 daily servings of chocolate that we need or we'll DIE. do you want the death of a chocolate addict that couldn't get her fix on your hands? i don't think so, because it would negatively affect your sales. especially the death from chocolate deficiency of a pregnant woman, who cannot get the craving of chocolate out of her head no matter what she does.
i wanted to cry, and can't think of anything to do with the rest of my ice cream that i'd enjoy. i've doctored it up with chocolate syrup, but with every bite, i felt an unquenchable resentment from the miserly doling of your chocolate swirls. i'm giving this particular flavor of so delicious a rating of the following: dropping of the mic. no turntables, no microphone.
jewy the foodie


Eddie G said...


miss v said...

that's funny, b/c this is my new favourite ice cream. BUT, i don't actually like fudge. so i was delighted that it had such a nice creamy mocha flavour. maybe they should drop the 'fudge' from the name. :)

Anonymous said...

When are you due? I feel your pain being pregnant in the Summer. Both of our boys were Summer pregnancies for me. Ugh.

And when I was pregnant with Adam, the youngest. I loved sweets. Like you said, never skimp on the fudge.

Anne-Marie said...

I think you got a bad batch, try it again, I bought some yesterday and it has loads of fudge in it.