Friday, July 24, 2009

weekly product review: you gotta have some good karma to go to health valley

last saturday, momma was cravin' something frozen and something sweet. this hit the spot! i bought it at my local co-op instead of kroger's, and paid more than i wanted-($4.39), but it was so good i didn't really care. in my pregan days i was known to spend that much on a fancy blizzard at the DQ. so, to answer the question: is it as good as other frozen non-dairy desserts? the answer would be no. i really prefer the truly decadent series and soy delicious compared to this--but if you're looking for a nice change of pace from your regular non-dairy ice cream, good karma is not a bad solution. i give it one and a half turntables and a small microphone.

remember my diablo dog post? i used this brand of chili for the dog. the actual label said "three bean chipotle" but i couldn't find a google image for it, so this will have to do. don't bother buying it unless you need a vegan chili solution super fast. naturally, when i see the word chipotle, i expect to feel some amount of heat with a smoky aftertaste. not so here. it was bland at best and i had to doctor the shit out of it with frank's and ms. dash chipotle flavor. verdict? kids, this is just a crappy vinyl record. no turntable. no microphone. some people might tell me, "but jen, with a name like health valley, shouldn't you have known better?" not really, because healthy food can actually (believe it or not) be really tasty. at $3.59 per can i should have cried, but i didn't.

happy weekend, y'all!


Mona said...

Have you tried the carrot cake good karma ice cream? That flavor is pretty unusual and quite good.

nora said...

mud pie sounds like a great flavor.

Eddie G said...

I agree with Mona. That Good Karma Carrot Cake is pretty awesome! Never tried the Mudd Pie...thanks for the tip :)