Thursday, July 23, 2009

cucumber sammiches=awesome summer dinner

here's a shot from one of my weekend meals: a cucumber sammie with the potato spinach squares from vegan brunch. i know that the squares shouldn't really be topped with anything, but i like my taters with some ketchup and fakin bacon bitz, can't help it. the sammich was to help a fellow ppk'er honor his/her mommas memory. that is one of the things i lovey love-love about the post punk kitchen: the forum is much more about cooking awesome vegan eats. i utilize the "playground" section for parenting resources, kvetch politics in "the parlor", nerd it on up in "the living room", and talk about whatever is bothering me in "the foyer". someone did this too and brought up that their mother had passed 10 years ago last saturday. he/she asked us all to do this simple act to help him/her grieve on that anniversary. i immediately called home and left myself a message to "eat a cucumber sammich". my spouse was confused.

in the jewbacca household, we also do this to honor our loved ones yartzheits-(anniversary of death) as well. my spouse's sister OBM-(of blessed memory) is often observed by eating a special dish, in which i will post about at another time.

cuke sammiches=perfect summer meal. it's impossible to eff one up. i personally like toasting my bread of choice, putting just a hint of EB on each slice, a smear of veganaise, some mustid, and thinly sliced cukes. some people get all fancy with this sammich and serve it on special bread cut out in obscure shapes. that's fine if you want to impress someone at a tea party, but it's a shame to complicate such a simple beauty like the cuke sammie.

so while they're in season, get a cuke or two and make yourself nice sammie. know you'll be eating to someone's wonderful momma.


Eddie G said...

Jen- you're awesome!

Susan G said...

And then there's the tomato sammie - mayo, tomato, S & P on whole wheat. Notice I said mayo first? Maybe I should just call it the mayo sammie with tomato condiment.