Wednesday, July 8, 2009

depends on how you look at it: late or early product review
before i launch into my reviews, i just gotta ask: where are the cookie suggestions? thanks for the abundant congrats, i'm mega excited about our baby cookie--but i also feel like i'm in a cookie rut and am relying on you the reader for some good cookie recipes to veganize or existing vegan ones to try. ((((whining over)))))

what is it with me and amy's products? i guess it's because her product line is almost always on sale at the grocery store. about my reviews: i have to buy what i review. i'm not some lucky blogger that receives care packages from various companies with lots of goodies to review and give away. boy howdy, i wish that were so. if any of you fall into this category, i beg of you to share with little 'ol poor me how i can make that happen. i promise i won't tell anyone how i got hooked up. and if you're a company that is looking for an adorable, poor, and pregnant vegan blogger to give stuff to--you need to look no further.

so, depending on how you look at this, i'm either really late with a product review friday or early for this week. i'll let you choose. my most recent convenience food ingestion was the teryaki bowl by amy's. the portion was right, and the food was filling-(10g protein 4g fiber). but it wasn't really all that spectacular, i think the teryaki flavor wasn't enough. i give it a rating of a turntable, but no microphone. c'mon y'all, it's a frozen meal.

i won't have this category every week under product reviews, but i thought i'd mention a new section: close but no-dice products. these are products that would like you to believe that they are vegan, but they aren't.

bear naked all natural trail mix-(continental divide blend) the ONE stupid ingredient that makes this not vegan is, you guessed it--honey! c'mon bear naked people. can't you make a friggin' trail mix without honey? it's in the little granola clusters. BOO!

oh soy? oh no they di-int! i ate an entire container of the peach flavor marveling at how much better this is than whole soy brand yogurt before looking at the ingredients to see that they put milk in it. milk in fucking soy yogurt. i didn't die, but i felt very cheated. why have a product with such a misleading name? shame on you stonyfield farm, but a bigger shame on me for being a such a schmuck and not completely reading the label. it was an honest mistake, so i'm openly discussing this so you won't have to make it.


Eddie G said...

I love your reviews--so real :D

Anonymous said...

Dude, that totally has happened to me too. There's another soy yogurt out there, too, that has milk in it. Why the crap would they do that?

River said...

Milk on soy yogurt? That's just wrong! I guess you will have to start making your own dairy-free yogurt... in your brand new Healthy Chef!! You won!! Congratulations! :-)

Send me your address and I'll let the Healthy Chef dudes know that you're the winner. My email is wingitvegan (at) gmail (dot) com

Winner winner, chickpea dinner!! :-D

Mona said...

Oh yuck about the O' Soy. I ate it a few times when I was a vegetarian and I never liked it anyway.