Monday, July 20, 2009

not every recipe can be a winner

i asked fellow readers of vegan brunch what their favorite recipes were and i had many replies for the "puttanesca scramble" being a real winner. well, i made this dish--and i didn't like it. i really, really tried to like it, but it just didn't work, and after a few tries i sadly added what was left to the compost heap. it certainly looks good and has things i really like: tomatoes, fresh herbs, garlic, and awesome olives. perhaps the capers were the culprit in the dish not working, i dunno. it was just too savory for my mouth-(is there any such thing as too savory?).

i'll just stick with my own tofu scramble. i really like it and i get it right every time. i know it's kind of stubborn for me to say so, but i don't really bother with anyone elses recipe.

tomorrow, i'll post my favorite vegan brunch recipe so far...what will it be? ((((tenting fingers))))

question: what is your favorite vegan brunch recipe? have you ever tried a recipe that you thought was gonna rock and didn't? tell all!


Crystal said...

Well I really loved the avocado potato salad- and the coffee cake...chocolate beer waffles, pb waffles, you name almost everything in the book! but I tried to make the pumpkin pancakes- and they wouldn't cook inside! I was really sad :-(.. But for the most part I love each and everything..

nora said...

Yeah, I think the classic VWAV tofu scramble is the best. I like to try new ones, but I always come back to that one.

I thought the choc. raspberry blackout cake from VWAV would be amazing b/c everyone raves about it, but i just thought it was okay. weird.

Sal said...

so far all i've made from VB is the coffee cake and it's awesome.

I wanted to like the chocolate raspberry cookies in VwaV but I didn't. The almond extract totally overpowered them and they tasted marzipanny! Which isn't a bad thing but just tasted wrong in the cookies!

miss v said...

i didn't have the same experience - i had a recipe i didn't think i would like (grilled avocados) and i ended up scarfing them down.

Bianca said...

I still haven't tried the Puttanesca scramble, but I'm a big caper fan, so I'd probably like it. I'm also a human garbage disposal who thinks everything tastes good...except for fennel. So I don't have a VB recipe that I don't like.

My fave, however, is the Tofu Omelet, for sure! My second fave is the Tofu Benny. That Hollandaise recipe kicks so much ass.


Definitely the BANANA RABANADA -Brazilian French Toast.It is to die for. Just make sure to use 3 day old bread.

Mel said...

I think olives are a bit much for breakfast. I love savory but when it's the first meal of the day, I like to keep the savory side mild.