Friday, June 12, 2009

product review fridays

i'm gonna make a regular friday feature: product review fridays. this is because a) i don't always have time to cook so i am on a constant search for quick vegan eats and b) there's nothing like being able to avoid having to be a taste tester and know that you can rely on my stunning reviews so you'll be in the know about what is hot or not.

kashi has gone to great lengths to offer a variety of vegan frozen meals. i believe they are up to six or seven by now. i remember sending them a thank you note for their ranchero beans and begged them to make more vegan meals. could this be an answer to my request? i'm so self-centered, i'd like to think so, but probably not. it is more than likely the collective requests of an awesome vegan spirit.

the price ain't so hot--but i got this baby on sale for $3.50 at kroger's. what i can tell you about this meal is that it is absolutely delicious. the sweetness of the plantains and sweet potato go well with the 7 grain goodness, kale and bad assed ancho chile sauce--(they should trademark the sauce by this very name). BTW, anyone got a good recipe for ancho chile sauce? because i think it is my new favorite condiment. i'm not a calorie counter, but for those that are obsessed with their intake will be comforted to know that it's only 34o. i'm more of a fiber cop and was pleased to see that it has 8g of fiber. most of their vegan options have 11g. we all know that being vegan usually means that we eat enough fiber for 4 or 5 people in one day. sometimes in one sitting.

another thing i wanted to mention is river's awesome kick ass multi-tasking appliance giveaway. so go to her blog and find out more about it. c'mon you need another kitchen appliance.

take care and be good.


nora said...

Yeah! I had a HUGE ass salad last night, and said to my dad, "i'm such a good vegan, i bet there's like 25 g of fiber in this!" he thought i was weird. and nerdy. that harvest bake looks like the best kashi meal to me but i haven't seen it yet!

Eddie G said...

Mmm. Looks good :P

pixiepine said...

Oooh nice. I have seen the Kashi meals before, but didn't know they had some vegan ones. It's nice to have convenience food options.

Tami (Vegan Appetite) said...

Thanks for the review-- I've seen those but never tried them. I didn't even realize they were vegan. Love the idea of Food Review Fridays!

And yeah, give yourself credit for more Kashi vegan meals. I think you did it.

Bianca said...

Wow! I didn't even know Kashi had started making more vegan TV dinners. I remember them only have a couple a few years back. I've mostly stopped buying frozen meals because I always freeze portions when I make big batches of stuff at home (I live alone, so I never share...which means tons of leftovers). But I remember enjoying the Kashi meals that were available when I bought them.

On fiber, I love talking this to how much more often vegans poop. I also love that vegans talk about poop so freely because we all do it often. There's such freedom in fiber!

Jenn said...

Nice review! I have the freezer the size of a shoebox, but there's a grocery by work that has them, so I might try this for work. Cheaper than my usual take out lunch.

miss v said...

i've never even looked twice at the kashi frozen meals... i guess if i had paid attention, i coulda had some quick vegan eats. thanks for sharing!

The Voracious Vegan said...

Wow! I wish Bahrain would get this in stock....maybe in a few years they will catch on to the awesomeness that is vegan ready meals!

This one would definitely be my first choice, what a unique and delicious dish. Thanks for the review!