Friday, June 29, 2012

It's Been a Long Time, Been a Long time, Been a Long-Long...

Led Zeppelin plays in the radio in my head as I eat this sandwich from Roots on the Square, formerly known as Roots Vegetarian Restaurant. It's definitely been a while, probably a year since I've been there. When I'm there I usually get their panang curry because it really is the best in town. This day I opted for their breaded seitan tenderloin-(vegan take on a Hoosier classic!) and didn't regret it.

I haven't wanted to go there because they now carry local meat, which pisses me off. Prior to The Owlery, there was really one game in town to get exclusive vegetarian eats, and that was Roots. Then the Locavore movement had to waltz in and tout their excellent local beef and pork. Then it was all over. Boooo. What gives? I mean, good for you that you want to eat local meat, but it is still meat. I shouldn't be so bitchy, really. But I don't want to confuse anyone by saying that one is better than the other. To me, eating meat is eating meat. I'm grateful people want to elevate their consciousness and make a connection, but why not make the connection of not eating meat and trying this awesome fucking sandwich? This is probably one of those entries where you will read about these feelings, so enjoy the snarkism while it lasts. Otherwise, I'm a fairly peaceful and loving vegan.

But my co-worker treated me to lunch and I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. The sandwich is still really good. If you're in the area and have omnis to make  happy, bring them there. You can always have any one of their excellent vegetarian/vegan selections, and again--let me suggest the curry. Get it at about a 3.5 spice level. You won't regret it.

No move to MI, btw. Long story. Just stay tuned to some awesome eats and observations by the ever loving Pain in the Ass Vegan.


Anonymous said...

that sammie looks yummy!

Imperfections said...

I'd rather see a veggie reasturant serve meat then to go out of bussiness.Unfortunatly there just isn't enough veggie exclusive bussiness to keep a reasurant thriveing.
* true story: I ate out with an omni friend who made fun of me for odereing "boreing" food. My food looked and smelled better then hers. By the end of the meal she said " I should have ordered what you got". The next time she went there she ordered my meal.