Monday, June 20, 2011

leftover love

no matter how hard i try, i get to a blogging lull in the summer. i am in the middle of getting ready to sell my home and move to a new one, so i am kind of busy. my decline in blogging largely has to do with running out of food porn photos. here's a sampling of the last few shots i have. i plan on filming a how-to on stuffed pancakes this week to post for the weekend. cross your fingers that i have time to pull it off!

above was a second experiment with kitchen sink tapas --this time done dessert style. simply heat your oven to 350 and stuff a muffin tin with wheat spring roll wrappers. you can get them at most asian groceries or buy them for an arm and a leg in the ethnic aisle at your local grocery store. fill the wraps with your favorite pie filling. i like to make mine from scratch and simple: strawberries, powdered sugar, and some lemon juice. for the apple one i made a mixture of apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, agave, and a dab of natural peanut butter. they were really good fresh, but not good cold or even reheated. keep that in mind if you make these for an event: the next day they will just have to get composted.
when it's been too hot to cook, i've found solace in the garden. i made these rainbow chard wraps with washed leaves of chard and used them to roll kroger's tuscan bean salad-(ours is vegan!) very nice, and dinner was ready in less than five minutes. yeah, you heard me right. five. minutes.
this was a pic from the butt end of winter, when i made the kale quinoa and white bean stew from appetite for reduction. what a heaping bowl of comforting goodness! can you see the dots of hot sauce? it's not really a meal for the summer. like most of isa's recipes, this one makes a ton and it freezes really well. that's great for summer menu planning--divvy up your meals, freeze them, and bust 'em on out to nuke when you don't want to cook.

be well, eat joyously, and for the love of leftovers, stay vegan!


Allysia said...

I would love seeing a how-to on stuffed pancakes, so my fingers are definitely crossed.

We're in the middle of a big move right now too, though not as big as yours since we just rent, not own. We ain't puttin' in roots until we live in an awesome place!

miss v said...

those kitchen sink dessert tapas look awesome - what a great idea! like mini-pies.