Tuesday, September 22, 2009

GUMBO! bring on tha crunk parte tres

GUMBO! is one of those dishes that i think should be spelled in all caps with an exclamation point. it is a word that needs to be bellowed with the drawl of the ol' cajun chef that used to have the cooking show on t.v. and make random appearances on episodes of hee-haw. do you remember him? he was so adorably obnoxious. until i had tested this recipe of bianca's, i've never had GUMBO! this is her tempeh GUMBO! from her gonna-be-so-hot-damn-awesome up and coming southern vegan cookbook.
here's the thing: i didn't have anything to measure it by since i've never had GUMBO! before, but it was quite tasty--imagine a spicy stew that got it on with some gravy. notice the topping of frank's red hot? sure you did. i like frank's on most everything.

and while i can't tell you the recipe, i can tell you that it has tempeh in it, hence the name tempeh GUMBO! and it also has okra in it, because that seems to be standard for 99.9% of GUMBO! recipes, so i don't think i'm leaking out any big trade secret on my part. the big mistake i made was getting very large okra at the farmer's market. i don't like the stuff, but i thought bigger meant better. not the case. if you want to like okra, you should use the small stuff. if you want to scrub your skillet, then get the bigguns. that shit was tough and fibery, like eating little tubes of paper towel. fortunately, the okra was so huge i just picked it out and proceeded to enjoy my GUMBO! with a nice tomato, onion, pickle, and veganaise sammich.


nora said...

looks yummy! the only gumbo i've ever had is the rice one in new orleans square at disneyland (in the bread bowl haha)

pixiepine said...

I will have to try this when the cookbook comes out. I love gumbo and southern food,and it can be very tricky to replicate those tastes, vegan-style. I have every confidence in Bianca from the looks of things! I love Justin Wilson too! Red suspenders :)

Chelsea said...

Yours looks delicious! I couldn't find fresh okra here, but it was damn tasty even with the frozen stuff. And you are a hot mama! It was spicy enough that I didn't even add Sriracha, and I put hot sauce on everything! haha

Sal said...

i've never had gumbo either but for some reason it makes me think of forrest gump!

it looks ace.