Sunday, September 7, 2008

playing with yer fud

this is the photo of the infamous jen hates macaroni hates cheese mentioned in the nacho disaster, my disaster entry from last week. isn't it pretty? it tasted like vomit. i ended up topping this disaster with some vegan baked beans in honor of my sister-in-law's yartzeit. melanie's favorite meal was mac n' cheese + baked beans, eaten like a casserole. i think it's muy importando to have toys around to talk to or play with while eating dinner.

and here's a meatless meatball sub complete with plastic insect and ancient toy cell phone. i kinda burned the bun while toasting my sub, but it was still pretty tasty---and MESSY! i topped the sub with follow your heart cheese and banana peppers. btw, i discovered i only like the mozzerella version of FYH after trying the yellow style cheese.

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Bianca said...

Mac & cheese like vomit?! Ick! That sucks.

And the mozzerella FYH is awesome! But I like the cheddar the best. It has its own unique taste that most everyone but me thinks its is gross. Interestingly, the cheddar kind has quite a bit less fat per serving than the white FYH cheeses.