Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gimme Some Lovin'

Not to get off the topic of food, because I do have a point discussing my life homework in this post: I am taking a Death and Dying class at church and part of our homework is to take the day of the month we were born on, -(in my case it is the 13th) and do something we've never done before. Well, I travel to MI all the time to see relatives and friends and pass the Auburn Deussenberg Cord Car Museum right outside of Ft. Wayne, about an hour or south of the MI state line. I got my fill of classic cars--golly, they were beautiful. I also got my fill of the Loving Cafe in Ft. Wayne.
 The food selection was overwhelming. I went for the BBQ bun sandwich which was a very pork like seitan smothered in a rich BBQ sauce and topped with creamy cole slaw. I chose potato kale soup as my side.
I was licking sauce off my fingers the entire meal. That's how BBQ is supposed to be!

I also ate a nice breakfast at Sarah's Family Restaurant, right across the street from the Hilton Garden Inn on SR 24. I requested a double order of hash browns with all house veggies and dry toast. It was really really good! Sorry, no pic. The hash brown or home fries trick has never failed me. You simply go to any local restaurant and ask them to make up a plate of unique home fries for you while everyone else noshes on bacon and eggs. It's a great vegan on the road survival tip, and most places are happy to make it for you! I even had the waitress ask if it was okay to add squash and spinach to my hash browns. Hell yeah!

So I challenge you to find a museum or some sort of park in a podunk town near you and make a mini vacation of it. Take a tour, go to the local eateries, and enjoy yourself. I often forget all the little treasures outside of my own unique college town!

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SoundsLikeCanada said...

I LOVE the Loving Cafe! Everything there is awesome. The smoothies, the soup. I've never had the two things you mentioned, but I love their BLT and other sandwiches. I'll miss that place a lot when my parents move in July (!), but then I'll have all the great Bloomington places to cushion the blow.